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Vegas Night at UNS Osasco



Games: Poker, Blackjack, UNO.

The Vegas Night at UNS Osasco was fantastic! The teachers and many of the students were involved. By using pictures of important landmarks and famous characters from the sin city, we aimed at making students familiar with the Vegas environment.

Students played the popular poker game while listening to nice Elvis Presley music.

The blackjack was the other attraction of the night. It’s also a traditional Las Vegas gambling game and the students had a unique experience playing cards and speaking English at the same time, not to mention the gambling vocabulary they learned.

An easier option for those who didn’t like gambling, UNO was another game they could play.

The whole school board and students had lots of fun, the event was a success, and team spirit was the key to make it possible.

 Simone Moraes – UNS Idiomas Osasco Pedagogical Assistant

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