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UNS São Caetano: Field Class at Chico Mendes Park


Last Saturday (Aug.17th,2013) our class went to Chico Mendes Park to have a picnic.

The weather was not so pleasant, it was cold, but it did not matter, because we were excited and happy to be together there.

The students, guided by Victoria, brought the food. She was in charge of deciding which items each one should bring. It was amazing because nobody forgot anything!

We arrived there around nine-thirty, walked through the park and discussed about things that make us happy.

When we found a place to set the table, we started our class as they prepared their sandwiches. They had a card with some “instructions” on how to prepare a sandwich (sequences-use of imperative tense).

It was delicious!

In my opinion the best moment was the guessing game. Each student received a piece of paper (post-it) with the name of a famous person, which was glued on their foreheads.  Then, they had to ask questions, such as: Am I famous?; Do I work on TV?; Am I alive?  in order to find out which celebrity they were.

In short, it was a funny way to give our students an opportunity to speak freely.

I had a great time and I hope my students also did.


Josi Arcanjo – UNS Idiomas São Caetano Teacher

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