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UNS Santo Amaro: Father’s Day Activity


Father’s Day is as important as Mother’s Day, so we decided to create a similar activity here at Santo Amaro branch. We had cards very well decorated spread along the school. The students had to pass, pick up a card and write a message for their fathers. We had a contest: the most emotional message would be worth a point in the next test. We understood that it was going to be hard for the dads to come to school and be presented with the cards as we did for the moms, so we changed a little bit and made it into a contest. It was as exciting as the activity we had for the mom’s celebration. And much more competitive as we had excellent cards and had to pick just one. In the end, the winner of the extra point was Camila Guerra, a Survival student that put all her heart into the message and proved that her dad was a very important person for her. Happy Father’s Day for everybody, because all dads in this world are important and should be taken care of.

Samantha Paredes – UNS Idiomas Santo Amaro Pedagogical Coordinator


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