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UNS Boa Vista: Field Class – Lethem


We met at the exit of Boa Vista at 8 o’clock a.m. and we arrived in Lethem at 9:30 a.m. First, we visited a hotel, because our lesson of the Independence book talks about hotel services. The manager showed us all the parts of the hotel: the restaurant, rooms, garden, front desk, etc. The students could see, listen and learn new vocabulary on the subject. Around the city the students saw many signs with streets’, shops’ and places’ names, and signposts.

Later, we visited many shops and the students could practice their English with salespersons and cashiers. They used vocabulary about shopping and they were very good!!! They got a lot of information and enjoyed it a lot.

We had a good time and the students (and I) could improve their English. The practice is the best way to learn! They loved our small trip!

Teacher Stephanie – UNS Idiomas Boa Vista

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