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Teachers Swap – UNS Itaim Bibi



Teachers Swap! I worked with a Competence group and, since they were very capable, I decided to have more of an open-minded class. We had a rather joyful discussion about the funny differences between men, women and how we differ from each other in a relationship. And what a debate it was! We had fun, we laughed and we enjoyed ourselves!

Teacher Lex – UNS Idiomas Itaim Bibi Teacher


What I like the most in a Teachers Swap activity is that students and teacher get a new energy from this routine break, having extra motivation to interact with one another and learn. This time, apart from the usual teacher interview, we also had a sort of play using a Monica’s Gang comic book. The students picked their favorite characters and acted out. It enlarged their vocabulary with many new words, including Jimmy Five’s (Cebolinha) words, those that are not quite accurate in pronunciation, “wight?

They loved it, and so did I!

Teacher Eduardo – UNS Idiomas Itaim Bibi Teacher

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