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Teachers swap at UNS Santo Amaro


We know that the ‘Teachers Swap’ is a super event, when students have the opportunity to get to know a different teacher, listen to his/her accent and practice pronunciation in a different way. First, students prepared a set of questions they were curious about to ask the new figure in their classrooms. They found out about curiosities involving the learning process of the professional in question. These are the most popular questions students want to ask: “How did you learn English? And how long did it take?” Then, after this nice ice-breaking exercise, the new teachers were supposed to continue whatever subject the other teacher had been working with in his/her class. The mood was quite cozy and students received the new representatives of UNS Santo Amaro in a pleasant and funny way. We can’t wait till the next one!


Samantha Paredes – UNS Santo Amaro Pedagogical Coordinator

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