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Picnic at Granja Julieta Park – UNS Santo Amaro



Teacher Aílton took his students for a nice picnic breakfast at Granja Julieta Park. All the class planned the activity together. They took some food, such as apples, grapes, rolls and ham, juice, soda, cake, among other things. They arrived there at nine o’clock, had something to eat, and then started the funniest part of the day. Since teacher Aílton never leaves his guitar, they all had to sing in English. They chose the songs and let go off the voice. At first, the students were shy, but it took them a minute to get along with the game. This is a very active group, as the teacher says, and they needed to have an energetic field class like that. It was very successful, they all spoke English on the way to the park and on the way back. There was so much food they had to take the rest home. What a lovely way to start a Saturday morning, uh?

Samantha Paredes – UNS Santo Amaro Pedagogical Coordinator

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