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Outstanding Students – Santo Amaro




“Once upon a time a man didn’t speak English, lately He feels proud about
himself and happy to be there at UNS with his Teachers” Marcelo Cubo


Those are real life reports with the reason why they are the outstanding
students… This team of great students were asked why they liked to study
with us, and those were the answers:


“The methodology is very good, amazing teacher, notorious English increase”
Rogerio Nascimento well known as Captain


“I improved my English since I had started here at UNS. After that, I can
talk better with my English teacher” Fabio Cubo


“I’m in love with the experience of speaking English with other people, I
can feel more confident because my English is better and my professional
life is also better because of UNS” Tatiana Zanesco


“I feel better, I like The methodology, you are in many situations that you
practice your English and this is the reason I like to study here.” Claudia


Santo Amaro


So, we got to say why it is so good to have you here…


This month our outstanding students are actually a great group. We as a school that promotes people’s dreams, we trust this is the best way to show how we appreciate the dedication and effort our students are putting in each lesson and activity. As a team, those students have been an example of persistence – They have been with us since Survival -and now we can see them speaking so properly and confidently and realize that our goal is achieved and the only thing we can say is “We are very proud of you!”

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