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Outstanding student – April – UNS Jardins




“Alecsandra Cristina is the outstanding student at UNS Jardins in April,
she’s not only a dedicated student, but also very punctual. She’s never
missed a class and is always with her homework AND her workbook done for the next class.


Her grades were excellent on the first test. And for a Survival Student
she’s really talkative, and she stimulates the other students to talk with her.


She got really happy when she heard about it and here is the student’s
comment about her appointment:  “ Estou feliz por estudar na UNS, já estudei em outras escolas e o método da UNS realmente é o melhor.”


And so I’m proud to say, that Alecsandra is and will always be a great
student and an English speaker.” – Teacher Claudia

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