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Graduation parties at UNS Osasco!


On September 29th, a Survival group received their certificates.

To celebrate it, students decided to have a little celebration party with a chocolate cake made by one of the students and some candies. They also gave the teacher a nice sweater.

They had a lot of fun together!!

­­Another graduation party happened on September 16th. It was also amazing! Students brought food and drinks, which were delicious, by the way.

It was a big party because, fortunately, no students failed; all of them had at least a satisfactory result.

We watched some encouragement videos in English and I told them how easy it is to learn if you really like it. It was fun!

On September 19th, there was one more! We had an oral feedback on everything we had learnt up to that day and talked a little bit about the goals and English level students are willing to achieve.

Many dreams were poured into my ears, and I really hope all the students accomplish every single word they told me. We ate a lot and had a nice time together!

Fernando – UNS Idiomas Osasco Teacher


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