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Children’s week at UNS Valinhos


Children’s week at UNS Valinhos was amazing. We celebrated during the whole week. We had a championship with the kids using baloons with water…imagine how funny it was! And at the end of the classes, ICE CREAM!!!

We also took them to ice skate, and the children simply loved it. On Friday we had the first SLUMBER PARTY! We went to sleep at 3 AM… crazy, but VERY NICE! In our slumber party we had a room with multiple intelligences games, another room with an X – BOX KINECT and a movie session. SIMPLY WONDERFUL! ALL OF US LOVED THE WEEK.

The only problem is that the adults want to go ice skating, too. But, wait!  You’re soon going to see new pictures…

Regiane Teixeira Astolfi – UNS Idiomas Valinhos Pedagogical Coordinator

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