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Carnival at UNS Santo Amaro



The students from UNS Santo Amaro had a great time celebrating Carnival at school.

We had a gymkhana, a lot of  confetti, streamer flutes and Marchinhas lyrics to sing along with an awesome Carnival video. Moreover, we prepared a musical chairs game and the students had a lot of fun dancing and interacting.  As soon as the song was paused, all our grown up students turned into kids again to hurry up and get a seat.  After all those rounds of fun and music,  the students ended up memorizing the songs and were ready to go and find the match for the verses they had.  They didn’t waste time! As soon as they completed the first tasks, they got together to fill out the Marchinhas lyrics. Everybody got really competitive and excited to win the game! Teachers and students really enjoyed themselves at the UNS Santo Amaro’s American Carnival!

Maiana Dias – UNS Idiomas Santo Amaro Pedagogical Assistant

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