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Que tal praticar o inglês e dar muitas risadas?
Piadas são uma ótima fonte de aprendizado, sabia? Elas são cheias de phrasal verbs e gírias, bastante usados na conversação do inglês cotidiano. Confira algumas piadas e treine o idioma!

Good Manners
A teacher was giving her class of small children a lesson on good manners.
“Suppose, by mistake, you step on a lady’s foot. What do you do?”
“I say pardon me.”
“Very good. Now suppose the lady, to reward you, gives you a coin. What do you do?”
“Step on the other foot to get a second one.”



The monster
A man returned home earlier than usual. His son met him, very upset, and crying,
“Daddy, there’s a monster in your bedroom.”
“There’s a what?”
“A monster. And he’s hidden in mummy’s wardrobe.”
So the man went upstairs, found his wife in bed and opened the wardrobe door. Inside, his oldest friend tried vainly to hide himself behind a rack of dresses.
“Twenty years, you’ve been my friend,” bellowed the husband, pulling his former friend out by the hair, “And the best thing you can find to do is frighten my little boy.”



Amazing thing
A man was sitting at the bar in a watering hole whose selling point was that it was on top of the largest skyscraper in town.
Another man walks in and asks the bartender for a Jack Daniel’s. He downs it, and then takes a running leap out the window.
Much to everybody’s surprise, he floats back up and climbs through the window back into the bar.
The man at the bar is amazed and asks the man how he did it.
“Easy,” says the man. “Outside this window are some very strong wind currents which can carry you back to the window.”
“Wow,” says the man at the bar. “I gotta try this.” He takes a running leap out the window and falls to a horrible, bloody, and flat death.
“Geez, Superman,” says the bartender. “You can be a real a jerk when you’re drunk.”



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