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Integrating skills

There are many ways to improve your English skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing, vocabulary, etc. However, you should not try to improve each skill separately. Working on one skill in isolation will slow down your learning. For example, I have met many people who can read and write English well, but have a hard time speaking and communicating with others even after many years of studying English. The main problem is that they learned the logic and structure behind every sentence to pass exams, but did not study to be able to communicate. Although passing exams is important, but the number 1 reason to learn a language is to communicate. At http://pt.talkenglish.com/ you can improve your speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and vocabulary all at the same time. They provide thousands of lessons with over 10,000 audio files that are completely FREE! The best thing about the free online English site is that it uses English that is spoken by regular English speakers. You won’t waste your time studying sentences and phrases that are not used.

Cláudia Freitas – UNS Idiomas Santo André Pedagogical Coordinator

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