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Class Activity: Vocabulary Challenge for Advanced Students


I find a good way to teach new vocabulary to my advanced students is to grab a dictionary and ask them to pick a letter.  Let’s say they pick the letter T, I try to find the most obscure word that I can, and then I tell them whether it’s a verb, noun or adjective and have them ask for clues in order to guess the meaning of the word.  For example’s sake, I write the word Tinge on the board, tell them it’s a verb and a noun, and get them to ask questions to get closer to the definition.  You can give them as many clues and you can and even draw.  This usually results in a lot of laughter and strange guesses.  The student who correctly guesses the word chooses the next letter  and the game continues.

Adriana Russo  – UNS Idiomas Itaim Bibi Pedagogical Coordinator

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